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Together we have traveled over 125,000 miles to over 57 countries! Our passion is exploring this world and we're excited to help you prepare for your own journeys.

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David Phelan

Dave brings his passion of travel and entrepreneurship to the Talk To Travelers team. He caught the travel bug in college and hasn't stopped moving ever since. He has visited 35 countries ranging from the beaches of Fiji to the waterfalls of Iceland. Dave has developed a knack for planning trips and finding the best deals possible, which will allow us to find the best temporary office spaces around the world. His skill at finding unforgettable destinations and affordable accommodations makes him a stellar person to have plan your trip.

Philip DiMuro

Philip DiMuro knew at an early age that the world is there for anyone who is ready to explore it. This sparked a lifelong journey to touch every part of the globe while experiencing as many cultures as possible. By experiencing our globe you gain an understanding of how different yet similar we all are in the human race. Wether he's celebrating Songkran in Thailand or on a brewery tour in Belgium, Philip always brings his energetic personality and seemingly unending levels of optimism.

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Our experienced teams of traveler planners can relate to you no matter your needs. If you are a college student looking to backpack through Europe we can help you. If you are a recently married couple looking to plan a dream honeymoon, we’ve done that too.

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