Meet the Staff

Well, now that we have a few articles and photographs posted, we figured we should tell you a little bit about us here at Talk to Travelers.

We are all college students and world travelers who were blessed with the opportunity to spend a semester abroad in the Fall of 2010. We visited over thirteen countries and met hundreds of individuals from various cultures. We made it from the beaches of Barcelona, to the frigid waters of Switzerland, to the pubs of Prague. Those few short months sparked an undying passion for travel and a thirst for adventure within us. New languages, foreign concepts, unique cultures, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities fueled us on our travels and have created unforgettable memories. We boarded each plane and train with one thought in mind: “We’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

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Summary of Our Trip [In Map Form]

Now that we’ve mentioned a few of our trips, we figured it’s time to give you a better understanding of our trips. Here is a travel log of all of our weekend adventures, courtesy of As you can see, for many of our trips we had to return “home” to Edgware Road, London, where many of us lived. Also, check out some of the photos we posted for each “leg” of our trip. We hope this gives you all a better idea of how much we actually accomplished during our short time in Europe.


Total Distance: 14,165 miles (not including the flights between USA and England)
Time: Just over 3 1/2 months
Memories: A million (corny, I know)

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